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Increase your home's living and entertaining space.

An outdoor space that includes a built-in natural gas grill, fireplace and even lanterns is your first step to adding a whole new room to your home and having the custom kitchen you always wanted.

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On the Move

In many ways, the 20th century was defined by gasoline and the automobile. The entire landscape of the planet changed to accommodate cars. For example, according to the American Road and Transportation Association, roads now...

Smart Landscaping

Designing an outdoor space and house with natural gas appliances are just the beginning of creating an energy-efficient home. Landscaping can also reduce energy costs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), a well-designed...

Outdoor Oasis

Are you a Backyard Beginner, content to stick to the basics of grilling? Or have you progressed to Outdoor Enthusiast, ready to expand your outdoor living space? Perhaps you’re a Patio Pro known for your...

Energy Efficiency: The Big Picture

The superiority of natural gas translates directly into customer savings. Numbers can be deceptive. Energy efficiency ratings for home appliances, for instance, make it seem like electric appliances are more efficient than natural gas. But...
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