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Increase your home's living and entertaining space.

An outdoor space that includes a built-in natural gas grill, fireplace and even lanterns is your first step to adding a whole new room to your home and having the custom kitchen you always wanted.

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Going Green: Spring Landscaping

Well-managed landscapes help extend the energy efficiency offered by natural gas and complement outdoor living spaces populated by natural gas appliances. Grass is 31 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than asphalt and 20 degrees cooler than bare...

Southeast Gas Partners with Coach Safely

Southeast Gas recently joined the Coach Safely Foundation as a partner in the statewide effort to address public concerns about sports injuries for younger athletes (14 and younger). The Southeast Gas Board of Directors, representing...

Lighting the Way: Natural Gas Provides Reliable and Elegant Outdoor Lighting

In the 1880s, Austrian chemist and engineer Carl Auer von Welsbach invented the gas mantle. It is a mesh fabric bag infused with a chemical and metal solution that generates a bright white light when...

Peace of Mind: Natural Gas Generators Keep the Heat On

Many homeowners are buying natural gas generators to ensure that when the grid goes down, the lights, the heat and refrigerator always stay on. "When it comes to power outages, natural gas is an excellent...
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