RinnaiĀ® Tankless Water Heaters

Unit Price: $722.02-1872.91


Stock #: 34090, 34085, 34075, 34083, 34093, 34073, 34082, 34094

Electricity Required.
A Whole New Way To Think About Water Heating.
An endless supply of hot water, whenever you need it.
Revolutionized comfort, energy, efficiency and convenience.
Fresh Hot Water at Your Fingertips.


Gas Supply: 3/4″ MNPT
Cold Water Inlet: 3/4″ MNPT
Hot Water Outlet: 3/4″ MNPT
AC 120 Volts, 60 Hz
Input BTU Range: 180,000 to 199,000

AO Smith Tank Water Heaters

Unit Price: $0 in most cases


Delivers 80-gallons first hour.
Push button igniter makes lighting pilot fast and easy.
Built-In Safety Features.
Corrosion protection.
Stainless steel CoreGard anode rod protects against corrosion longer than ordinary anodes.


Gas Supply: 1/2″ Connection
Cold Water Inlet: 3/4″ Connection
Hot Water Outlet: 3/4″ Connection
No Electricity Required
Input BTU Range: 40,000 to 75,100

Smell Gas. Act Fast.

If you smell rotten eggs, leave the area and dial 911 to report an emergency or call Southeast Gas at 800-660-8683 to report a possible natural gas leak.
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