• Holiday Changes

    Upgrade Your Natural Gas Service this Season

    Family coming home for the holidays? However your family time looks this season – whether you need endless hot water for a house full of folks or home-cooked meals for two, Southeast Gas is here to help. Upgrade your natural gas service this season. Tankless Water Heating Consumers have chosen tank-style natural gas water heating […]
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  • Holiday Safety

    Home for the Holidays

    More than ever, the holidays are a time to reflect on the past year, and connect with loved ones. We’re here to help make this season one filled with joy and wonder as you gather around the table, warm by the fire, or just take the stress away with a relaxing evening. Here are a […]
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  • Prepare Now, Conserve from Now On

    Preparing your house for the holidays? It’s also the perfect time to prepare for colder weather. You can prepare now and conserve from now on. A few simple things can help you lower your energy bills, and also help you do your part to reduce emissions. We have more good news, too, most of these […]
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  • (Virtual) Community Appreciation Month 2020

    It’s time to celebrate our neighbors with Community Appreciation Month activities throughout October! The pandemic has caused plans to shift throughout the year, and the way we show our appreciation to thousands of you in Southeast Alabama looks different this month. Now more than ever, though, we value what you mean to our company and […]
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