• Natural gas generator

    Peace of Mind: Natural Gas Generators Keep the Heat On

    Many homeowners are buying natural gas generators to ensure that when the grid goes down, the lights, the heat and refrigerator always stay on. “When it comes to power outages, natural gas is an excellent fuel choice by virtue of its availability,” said Jacob VanWormer, associate product manager, Generac Power Systems. “As natural gas is […]
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  • Cozy Space Heat

    On chilly mornings, there’s nothing like a warm and cozy home. Achieving a comfortable temperature in a cost-effective, earth-friendly way can make even the nippiest day more bearable. Space heaters can offer a cost-effective solution for heating a small space or supplementing inadequate heating in certain areas of your home, according to the U.S. Department […]
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  • Natural gas pilot light service

    Free Pre-Season Services

    You can’t get much better than free! Now through October 31, Southeast Gas is providing free pre-season service calls for customers who need their pilots lit. Cooler temperatures are closer than you think. It’s almost time enjoy your fireplace for the first time this season or get cozy around your space heater. Southeast Gas Service […]
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  • Gas Tap

    The U.S. once relied on large quantities of coal and oil for electric generation and home heating. However, rising awareness of the need for clean energy has created a growing demand for natural gas. Power stations now use clean-burning gas. And millions of homeowners around the nation switched to natural gas for their home-heating, cooking, […]
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