The Forestry/Wood Product Manufacturing cluster draws from an abundance of natural resources in the Southeast Gas region. The wood basket in southeast Alabama provides the raw product for value-add production. Additionally, the reshoring of manufacturing continues, along with residential homebuilding, in creating demand. In 2017, International Beams announced its decision to locate its cross-laminated lumber plant in Dothan. There is a concentration of forest products in the South Subsector; however the target for wood projects is regionwide.

  • Nearly 1 million population in the region
  • Labor force of more than 430,000
  • 7,572 degrees awarded in the region related to Forestry and Wood Product-Related Studies (2017)
  • 203 degrees awarded in Construction Trades (2017)
  • 433 degrees awarded in Precision Production (2017)
  • Production workforce of 15,000
  • Existing pool of high-demand workers for Forestry/Wood Products businesses
Thriving Business
  • Expanding market for building products such as engineered wood beams, composite materials and high-value finishes
  • Concentration of Wood Preservation (with a Location Quotient of 14.98)
  • Concentration of Cut Stock, Resawing Lumber and Planing industry (with a Location Quotient of 10.74)
  • Concentration of Sawmills (with a Location Quotient of 6.91)
  • Surge in wood exports from hardwoods to wood pellets
Area Assets
  • Agricultural products in close proximity
  • Centrally located access to regional, national and international markets
  • Commercial air passenger service nearby
  • Plentiful agricultural product and water and sewer capacity
  • Interstate highways provide logistical advantage
  • Excellent vocational training
  • 22 colleges & universities in the region
  • Engineering related programs in area
  • Availability of fully served industrial sites
  • Affordable cost of living
Related Forestry/Wood Products Existing Pool of High-Demand Occupations

Southeast Gas Region and Subregions

The Southeast Gas region comprises 18 counties in southeast Alabama that are served by Southeast Gas. These counties are Barbour, Butler, Chambers, Coffee, Conecuh, Covington, Crenshaw, Dale, Elmore, Escambia, Henry, Houston, Lee, Lowndes, Macon, Montgomery, Pike and Russell. Given the diversity of this territory, Garner Economics divided the region into two subregions: North and South. The map above illustrates the subregions for the purposes of the Garner Economics Target Industries Study. This subdivision was accomplished based on industry clusters by county.

Smell Gas. Act Fast.

If you smell rotten eggs, leave the area and dial 911 to report an emergency or call Southeast Gas at 800-660-8683 to report a possible natural gas leak.
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