At Home Retreat – In 2023 Consumers Seek Comfort in Home Design

As people return to a normal routine in the wake of the pandemic, home design trends for 2023 focus on comfort and versatility with a sense of fun and joy.

The New Home Trends Institute (NHTI) reports contemporary home designs are expected to be the most popular over the next few years with farmhouse designs ranking second among consumers. Designers see a move away from straight lines and the incorporation of more curves, according to Decorilla, an online platform designed to connect customers with designers. Curved arches, rounded furniture and arched doorways can create a playful option for modern designs.

For millennials and Gen Y, designs are often more eclectic, combining multiple design themes and elements to create unique styles, according to the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association’s
(NKBA) 2023 Design Trends Survey.

Multifunctional Spaces

Whatever the design style, consumers want more multifunctional spaces in their homes, according to the NKBA’s survey. Consumers are looking to create spaces that can accommodate work, education, exercise and entertainment.

Because of the focus on multifunctional spaces, 2023 kitchen design trends focus on an open look with large islands that can be used for food prep, dining, work or device charging, NKBA reports. The association found that 85% of homeowners would consider island seating options in place of separate dining space.

The pandemic ushered in a reliance on video conferencing for work, therapy appointments, consultations with children’s teachers, conferences and a host of other things – and it’s likely that those things will remain in some form. Consumers are looking for ways to set up more permanent home office spaces to meet their precise needs, according to Decorilla. In some cases, this means a fully furnished home office; in other cases, it may be a hideaway space or an area that can easily be converted quickly into a professional look for a quick teleconference.

A Sense of Wellness

Designers say comfort and wellness are other key trends emerging in home design following the pandemic. Large windows, easy outdoor access and a blending of indoor-outdoor spaces with bigger indoor plants and indoor gardens are some ways consumers are adding more wellness to their home design. Houzz, an online platform for home remodeling and design, notes that terraces, patios and gardens are now an integral part of homes.

NKBA 2023 Design Trends Survey indicates consumers are looking for larger bathrooms that can provide a spa-like experience with comfortable seating, deep soaker tubs, dual shower heads, steam showers and other comfort features.

The survey also shows consumers are looking for more sustainable products and solutions. For some, this may mean natural gas and energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting and water-saving faucets and toilets. As many homeowners face tighter budgets and economic uncertainty, another 2023 trend is the use of thrift store finds for furniture and home décor. Thrift store purchases can add interest and whimsy to home design with minimal cost.

Inspiration from Nature

Color and paint trends include nature-inspired colors and neutrals with bolder accent designs. NHTI found consumers continue to identify white as their preferred main color palette because it ages well and is more practical. Consumers are opting for colorful accents, statement lighting, bold artwork, wallpaper and backsplashes to add a bit of fun to home design.

For those adding some color to their homes, popular choices include warm gold and deep reds such as the cheerful red-orange Raspberry Blush, Benjamin Moore’s 2023 color of the year. Other
popular choices are coastal blues, greens, teals, mauves and soft purples and pinks.

Houzz reports some designers are using color blocking, juxtaposing blocks of contrasting colors while others are using monotone or ombre palettes to create more subtle transitions. Another trending way of adding visual interest to interior spaces are the use of textures and bold art-deco inspired shapes, according to Decorilla.

This article originally appeared in the 2023 Spring Summer issue of Natural Living and was written by Tonya McMurray. To find this article or to learn more about using natural gas in your home, click here to read Natural Living in its entirety

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