Cozy Natural Gas Logs Cure for Cold Dreary Days

Natural gas fireplace

With a set of vent-free natural gas logs, you’ll have warm, glowing, and cozy days (and nights) whenever you want them. Don’t let the cold, dark, and dreary days of winter get you down this season.

For about the cost of a winter’s worth of firewood, you can own your own new set of mess-free, clean-burning logs from high-end manufacturers like Robert H. Peterson or Empire Comfort Systems.

With vent-free logs, you also have the advantage of space heat, since most of your heat goes into your home and not up and out the chimney. Another advantage natural gas logs have over wood is the consistency of the heat output. Most gas logs have variable flame height, as well as temperature control options.

And, with natural gas logs, gone are the days of manually lighting your fire. Most natural gas log sets are ready to use with a hand-operated ignition, remote ignition or even a millivolt option controlled by a wall switch.

Many consumers enjoy the comfort provided by natural gas logs for supplemental heat. On extremely cold days, these sets help elevate the temperature of a room (or rooms) quickly and then sustain that temperature for several hours, if needed.

It’s always important to follow manufacturer’s safety recommendations when operating any in-home appliance, and with natural gas logs, that is no different. Vent-free natural gas logs are equipped with oxygen depletion sensors (ODS) that extinguish the logs if oxygen in the room reaches an unsafe level. In addition, follow recommended clearances for mantles and other flammable items around your hearth or fireplace.

To remain safe and to get the best output from your vent-free logs, only operate them with the approved log configuration. These sets are not designed to stack the logs randomly – there is a set way for them to burn, and the log set will not properly operate otherwise.

If you’d like to upgrade to natural gas logs, the change is simple, and our team would be glad to help you. Contact us today for more information.