Upgrade Your Natural Gas Service this Season

Holiday Changes

Family coming home for the holidays? However your family time looks this season – whether you need endless hot water for a house full of folks or home-cooked meals for two, Southeast Gas is here to help. Upgrade your natural gas service this season.

Tankless Water Heating

Consumers have chosen tank-style natural gas water heating in their homes for years because of the dependability, operating cost and recovery time. As the holidays approach, and family members are home, it’s is a great time to consider an upgrade to tankless water heating technology.

For families hoping to lower their energy use, while at the same time providing a steady stream of endless hot water in their home, tankless water heating is an excellent choice. A typical family of four that makes the switch from tank to tankless will use about half the energy they used with their tank-style water heater. And, lower energy use means lower energy cost, as well!

While the energy and cost savings is notable, the real benefit to a tankless water heater, though, is the constant flow of hot water. Multiple showers running at the same time? No problem. Washing clothes and dishes at the same time? No problem. Last one in the bathroom to get ready for work? No problem.

Ready to make the switch this season? We’re here to help!

Cooking for a Crowd

If you’re cooking for one or cooking for a crowd this season, Southeast Gas can help. Cooking with natural gas in your home means having the luxury of instant on and off heat. You’ll have precise and responsive control over cooking temperature on your cooktop and stove.

So, if you’re in a holiday rush, there’s no waiting for the cooking surface to heat – it’s instant.

When baking with natural gas, you can also depend on a quick heating time, and a constant cooking temperature. Many bakers say these qualities mean a slightly quicker bake time for items cooked in a natural gas oven.

And, though power outages are rare in Southeast Alabama, if electricity is lost, you can still use the surface burners for cooking food at home.

Found the perfect new cooktop or stove for your home? We have a rebate to help you make your purchase, and in many cases, our technicians are available to provide installation services. We’re here to help!

Service You Can Count On

When you need us, we’re here for you. The Southeast Gas service team is available to help with billing questions, appliance maintenance, and even to help you learn how to have a natural gas line run to your home.

We value you as our customers and neighbors, and we’re here to serve you and help keep you safe as you operate your natural gas appliances. Safety awareness is a priority to us, and we’ve provided lots of information about safety within your home.