We’re Growing!

Do you live in the South Dothan or Rehobeth area? We have great news for you! Natural gas service is now available in your area.

Discover the benefits of natural gas for your home. And, receive up to a $250 bill credit when you connect natural gas service in the new Southeast Gas expansion area now through December 31.

Natural gas provides a reliable energy source. It’s an affordable energy that often costs less than other fuels. From cooking and water heating to indoor/outdoor cooking and clothes drying, natural gas can be used throughout your home.

Water heating accounts for up to 25% of the energy consumed in your home, so it’s important to choose wisely. Traditionally, natural gas water heaters recover quicker, giving you more hot water faster. And, when you choose a tankless natural gas water heater, you’ll use less energy and your operating cost drops by as much as 50%. Now through December 31, when you install a natural gas water heater along the Southeast Gas expansion area in Rehobeth, we’ll give you up to a 50-gallon tank-style water heater, and we’ll run 250 feet of natural gas service to your home at no charge.

While you’re having your water heater installed, you might as well upgrade your kitchen with a new range. Natural gas cooktops and ranges provide precise temperature control and even heating that other energy sources can’t touch. Sealed burners, continuous cooking grates, convection ovens and self-cleaning natural gas appliances for your kitchen are the new standard. They’ll also have you cooking like a pro!

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