Service Where You Are

With around 32,000 customers in 36 communities throughout Southeast Alabama, we count it our honor and our pleasure to provide the best possible service for you. Southeast Gas is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your natural gas needs at home or work. That’s our promise to you, because this is not just your home, it’s our home, too.

Taking care of your home does not simply mean maintaining the place where you live. It involves taking care of the people where you live. So, for us at Southeast Gas, taking care of our home means taking care of the cities and customers within our service delivery areas – taking care of the places we all also call home.

And, helping you with your home is important. From space heating and water heating to cooking and clothes drying, taking care of things in your home is easy and economical with natural gas. You can also learn more about trends for new homes in Southeast Gas’ Natural Living publication.

Our commitment to you and your home is seen every day through our employees who stand ready to meet your needs for renovation projects, new construction, appliance or equipment upgrades, energy audits or technical service assistance.

Making your house a comfortable, environmentally-responsible, energy-efficient home is just one of the many ways you can always count on your natural gas provider, Southeast Gas.

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