Keeping you safe around natural gas is a priority for us at Southeast Gas.

  • Well maintained appliances are not only safer, they are also more energy efficient and can save you money on your monthly energy bills.
  • Have your gas heating system checked at least annually by a Southeast Gas Certified Contractor (click here for a list of these contractors in your area) or by Southeast Gas personnel.
  • Never use your oven, range or outdoor grill to heat your home. These appliances are not designed for home heating.
  • Never store anything near your gas appliances that could interfere with normal appliance airflow.
  • Never store anything near your gas appliances that is combustible. (This includes but is not limited to gasoline, aerosol cans, paint, newspapers, etc.)
  • When installing new or cleaned air filters on your heating/cooling system, make sure the front panel door covering the filter is closed properly before beginning operation again.
  • Keep bedding, clothes, curtains and rugs away from any space heaters (regardless of the type of energy source the heater uses).
  • Do not attempt to make extensive repairs to your natural gas appliances yourself. Our service personnel stand ready to assist you with these repairs when needed.

Smell Gas. Act Fast.

If you smell rotten eggs, leave the area and dial 911 to report an emergency or call Southeast Gas at 800-660-8683 to report a possible natural gas leak.