Your Account Overview

To better serve all customers, Southeast Gas offers several alternatives for customers wishing to pay their natural gas bills beyond the local office setting during regular working hours.

For ease in paying your bill, try one of the following services:

  • Pay your bill on-line 24 hours a day any day.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer allows your bill amount to be withdrawn automatically each month from your checking or savings account. A monthly statement is still mailed for recordkeeping purposes.
  • Credit card payments may be made via telephone at any local office, or by calling (855) 291-3331. Credit card payments may also be made by visiting any local office of Southeast Gas.
  • Payments may be mailed to your local Southeast Gas office.
  • Payments may be dropped in the night depository of your local Southeast Gas office after traditional working hours.

In addition to the payment options listed above, Southeast Gas offers a Budget Payment Plan for customers who wish to have one convenient payment amount each month. Southeast Gas will estimate what your average natural gas bill would be for 12 months. At the end of the 12 month period, the company will “true up” your account and calculate your new Budget Payment Plan amount. To enroll in budget billing, please click here to contact us.

Smell Gas. Act Fast.

If you smell rotten eggs, leave the area and dial 911 to report an emergency or call Southeast Gas at 800-660-8683 to report a possible natural gas leak.